UMNO-BN kurang ajar, semoga Allah membalasnya


Nenek alaf baru


Hisap rokok pun still leh hidup smpai 100 tahun.haha

Ingat artis2 korea ja leh wat muka cute?nenek Globalisasi pun boleh apa??

siapa cakap nenek dah xlarat, nenek alaf baru still leh angkat senapang beb

nenek ni alaf baru power siap leh skate, leh chllnge dak2 muder beb!! 

sUpErHeRo "BatGiRl" Di uSiA EmAs, MaSiH bLuM tERlAmBaT

nenek era baru still leh jadi gangster
.usia bukan penghalang.haha

ni nenek ka justin bieber??

pirate grandma,mna lagi bahaya,
nenek ni ker lanun somalia???

perghh nenek main counter strike 2!nenek dulu2 mna ad camni!!

lastly,nenek alaf baru ni still ad harapan msuk SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE ar.haha


Boleh tengok bola tapi solat jgn lupa


Sekitar foto Najib ketika melawat Musata Kamal Atartuk


Makcik gemok kat belakang tu buat menyemak je

Sekitar kubur syaitan manusia sekular Mustafa Kamal Atartuk

Najib berbesar hati dapat beri penghormatan Syaitan Sekular penghancur Khilafah Uthmaniyyah

Sama le mcm yg mantan PM Australia buat kat bawah tu, lepas ni jadi mantan jugak

Bingai pakai kopiah bunga tu diyakini Zulkifli Noordin, dapat le upah makan angin dgn Kak Mah

Banyak shopping kat Turki wahai Kak Mah, barang2 Turki mahal tapi takpe sebab duit rakyat

Pengampu2 tunggu ketibaan Najib & Kak Mah dari Mongolia, ops bukan tapi Turki

Kalau nak dapat habuan kena jadi pengampu

Tengok dagu Kak Mah, shopping sakan le kat Turki

Tak lupa baca doa walaupun aurat terdedah

Let's learn How To Stage A DIY Mass Protest


No matter if you're aiming to overthrow your government, or to simply shame your local state legislature, some best-practices for a D.I.Y. revolution have emerged of late. Egypt's Uprising: Complete Coverage"
As Egyptians revolted, Malcolm Gladwell argued in The New Yorker that the least interesting aspect of their efforts were what new media tools dissenters used. "People protested and brought down governments before Facebook was invented," he wrote. "Barely anyone in East Germany in the nineteen-eighties had a phone."
Grant him this: technology hasn't changed everything. It confers certain advantages, has significant limits, and is exploited by the savvy organizer as one more tool to be used when appropriate. So how to combine hi-tech and low-tech to organize a safe and successful mass uprising? Herein, some handy tips.
There's nothing more basic than formulating a plan of attack, whether with an iPad, a pad and pen, or a stick in the dirt. Ask Gene Sharp, an 83-year-old orchid enthusiast so low-tech that he doesn't even use computers. But his pamphlet From Dictatorship To Democracy, "a 93-page guide to toppling autocrats," is available for download in 24 languages. And it's been used by dissidents in Burma, Bosnia, Estonia, Zimbabwe, Tunisiaand Egypt. Score one for hyperlinks and downloadable PDFs. (See TIME's Exclusive Photos: Turmoil in Egypt)
Pro tip: Someone has already orchestrated a protest like the one you want to throw. Use Google to find articles about that event, note the name of the organizer, and try to track down his or her email address to ask for advice. Once you've set a strategy, disseminate those plans to as wide an audience as possible. Upload documents to social publishing sites such as or for easy viewing and sharing across all platforms and devices.
Hi-tech is useful if you're trying to reach strangers while sidestepping state run media, as Twitter dissidents did in Iran. Or to organize a walkout among high school students, as happened in Newark, New Jersey: when every last person you're trying to reach belongs to the same Facebook network, use that.
But low-tech mass media remains the most effective way to assemble a large crowd of strangers in a free country. Glenn Beck summoned tens of thousands to his "Restoring Honor" event via Fox News, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert used Comedy Central to publicize their own response rally, Tea Partiers asked local AM radio hosts to help publicize their regional events, and a 2006 immigration rally in Los Angeles drew the biggest crowd of all: 500,000 people took to the streets thanks in large part to deejay Eddie Sotelo and his counterparts in Spanish language radio.
Pro tip: Facebook is best used to communicate with an existing coalition - it's hard to talk with folks who don't already count you as a "friend" or "like" your cause. Whereas Twitter is better for more freewheeling interactions that unfold in real time - just remember to settle on a hashtag that's appended to every tweet.
Pitted against heavily armed security forces, the people of Bahrain turned to their camera phones: "By uploading images of this week's violence in Manama, the capital, to Web sites like YouTube and yFrog, and then sharing them on Facebook and Twitter, the protesters upstaged government accounts and drew worldwide attention to their demands," The New York Times reports. "A novelty less than a decade ago, the cellphone camera has become a vital tool to document the government response to the unrest that has spread through the Middle East and North Africa." But what if you're not facing inherently newsworthy abuses? (See TIME's photogallery "Mass Demonstrations in Egypt.")
The lowest tech way to get press is getting naked. The cameras show up every year in Venice, California when bare-chested women and men clad in bikini tops protest the local prohibition on topless sunbathing. How many people are needed to get an anti-war protest newspaper coverage? Only one if she's nude, on top of a car, performing a yoga pose (downward dove?). Environmental activists were able to persuade 600 people to bare all atop this glacier to draw attention to climate change. And last year various Americans and Germans took off all their clothes to protest airport scanners... that peek beneath clothing.
Pro tip: The proliferation of camera-equipped smartphones makes capturing images from your protest easy. For even more dramatic shots, USB Fever sells wide-angle lenses that can be attached to your cell phone via magnet. And an Eye-Fi memory card will automatically upload images via Wi-Fi to your computer - or directly to Flickr or Facebook. If you're expecting water-cannons or overly-aggressive officers, opt for a super-tough and waterproof camera such as the Casio Ex-G1, and perhaps an indestructible laptop such as Panasonic's Toughbook 31.
Cheap digital video cameras are handy for documenting police abuses for later litigation. But be careful with that particular gadget. It can capture illegal or unseemly behavior on your own side. And in some jurisdictions, recording audio can get you arrested on illegal surveillance charges - what's needed is a lower-tech camera that captures images, but not sound.
Of course, even low-tech tools can get you into trouble. In Providence, Rhode Island, you'll need prior permission if you want to shout through a bullhorn. Sometimes the most important technology is the pen used to fill out a permit.
Pro tip: If your cell phone doesn't take video, a cheap, compact option is the Flip Ultra HD, a popular choice among journalists.
Unless you're embarking on a hunger strike, it's a losing proposition to pit famished, fatigued protesters against well-fed authorities taking shifts. The hi-tech solution: take to the streets with a camel-back full of electrolytes and a supply of MREs. Extreme situations might even justify Dexedrine.
An old-fashioned approach to meals can have its perils. During the San Francisco dockworker strike of 1934, amid a pitched battle between longshoremen and riot police, there was a peculiar pause in the action. "As if a work whistle had blown, each side withdrew for a midday break," writes Kevin Starr, California's official state historian. "Toward one o'clock Harry Bridges was eating at a union dining hall at the corner of the Embarcadero and Mission Street... Suddenly shots rang out, followed by yelling and screams. Looking outside, Bridges could see the police driving back his men with clubs and gunfire. During the lull of the lunch hour, the police had regrouped themselves into two phalanxes, one to the north of the strikers' headquarters, the other to the south."
Pro tip: Pack plenty of wanter. The CamelBak mule holds 100 ounces. (Good news, anarchists and communists: it comes in black or red.) In case potable water is scarce, equip your protest kit with an ultraportable SteriPEN water purifier. And if you find yourself becoming overagitated - never a good idea during a mass protest - calm yourself with Breathing Zone, a handy iPhone app that'll help keep the typical stress of fomenting unrest somewhat in check.
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Najib sempat kalung bunga di kubur Mustafa Kemal Ataturk


Najib later laid a wreath at the Anitkabir mausoleum as a mark of respect for Turkey’s founder and first president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. - The Star

Mantan PM Australia kalung bunga tanda hormat di kubur tokoh sekular, sama la kalau Najib pun, pergi Turki buat kerja khurafat

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, dancing

Gadafi guna askar upahan dari Nigeria bunuh rakyat sendiri


Klip video revolusi Rakyat Libya vs Diktator Gila


Agaknya beginilah kekayaan Najib & Rosmah bila lari nanti


Bukan setakat penulis lirik, juga pencipta lagu2 hebat


Taman Rashidah Utama (1988 / Wings - Hukum Karma)
Fotostat (1988 / Wings - Hukum Karma)
Purnama (1989 / Search - Fenomena)
Warisan Wanita Terakhir (1994 / Teacher's Pet - Eh... Keras Tu!)
Malas (1994 / Teacher's Pet - Eh... Keras Tu!)

Songsang (1989 / Search - Fenomena)
Dakapkan Ku Ke Syurga (1994 / Teacher's Pet - Eh... Keras Tu!)

Inspirasi Taming Sari (1987 / Wings - Belenggu Irama)
Intan Ku Kesepian (1987 / Wings - Belenggu Irama)
Belenggu Irama (1987 / Wings - Belenggu Irama)
Sekeping Kertas Bermaruah (1987 / Wings - Belenggu Irama)
Dari Tuhan (1987 / Wings - Belenggu Irama)
Jerangkap Samar

Betapa besarnya harapan Bob Lokman terhadap PAS




Setelah aku melalui segala jalan syahwat, ALLAH memberikan aku gambaran AKHIRAT. Maka aku mula berjalan mencari kebenaran dan semalam 16 Rabi'ul awal, aku melangkah masuk kedalam gerbang hijau yg bertonggakkan Ulama' yg sangat ditakuti oleh pencinta dunia.

Mengalir airmata bila borang ahli disambut oleh DS Ustaz Azizan, Menteri Besar Kedah. Biar pun aku bukan sesiapa dikalangan orang PAS, tapi aku dapat merasakan kehangatan persaudaraan yg dihulurkan oleh mereka. Aku menjadi insaf dikalangan anak2 muda PAS yg rugged tapi ikhlas dalam perjuangan dan aku merasa amat malu diperhatikan oleh mereka bilamana aku merasa seperti seluruh hidup aku sebelum ini diselubungi syahwat keduniaan hingga aku merasa aku teramat tua dikalangan mereka. Terlintas juga dibenak ku, mungkin kerana anak2 muda inilah orang bijak pandai seperti Mahathir menolak PAS.

Biarlah tua, biarlah bertongkat, tapi sekarang aku tahu ALLAH maha pengampun dan penyanyang. Maka oleh kerana itu aku akan patuh kepada kehendak ALLAH dalam ayat 104 Surah Aali-Imran. PAS akan aku jadikan wadah perjuangan utk mempopularkan ALLAH kepada mereka yg belum kenal akan kekuasaanNYA. Aku jadi insaf betapa aku yg lahir dalam keluarga Islam keturunan Ulama', terabai dengan kefahaman Islam yg pernah diterapkan kedalam jiwaku. Apatah lagi mereka yg tidak pernah tahu mengenai Islam, bagaimana mereka akan merasa takut pada ALLAH. Utk itu sekali ini aku akan terus bercerita kepada sesiapa sahaja sesuatu yg membuatkan mereka bertaqwa kepada ALLAH.

Lagikan setiap ibu bapa sayangkan anak2 yg dilahirkan, inikan pula ALLAH yg menciptakan kita dan segalanya. Biar pun Iblis dan yahudi memang dilaknat oleh ALLAH, namun satu masa dahulu mereka adalah hamba ALLAH yg baik. selepas itu dengan takdir ALLAH mereka dijadikan sebagai contoh buruk kepada sesiapa yg tidak bertaqwa kepada ALLAH. Ini Kuasa ALLAH. kalau tiada keburukan kita tidak pandai menilai kebaikan sebagai mana kalau tiada ketaqwaan maka tiadalah kita mengerti bahawa ALLAH itu maha diatas segalanya.

Hari ini bila jiwa berada didalam PAS, ada satu semangat baru yg membuatkan aku berfikir mengapa ALLAH menjadikan aku. Pagi tadi bila ada member2 yg bertanya, mengapa aku menganut PAS, aku tahu bahawa aku sudah diterima utk bekerja oleh ALLAH. Inilah masanya untuk berubah dan mengubah sebahagian besar kenalan, kepada jalan baru bagi mereka yg fasiq. Belum ramai yg menerima Islam sebenar. Kalau tidak sudah tentu Malaysia diperintah oleh Ulama'. Masalahnya siapa yg Islam dalam orang Melayu? Utk mereka yang mencari jawapan bacalah Sirah Rasulullah berulang kali, maka kita akan nampak siapa Abu Bakar, siapa Abu Jahal dan siapa Abdullah bin Ubai dalam bangsa Melayu. Kerana itulah aku memohon utk masuk PAS. Lepas ni kita akan baca ada yg marah dgn apa yg aku kata. Itu biasa, sebagaimana ada orang yg marahkan harimau membunuh lembu. Ini kerana kita tidak mengerti SUNNATULLAH. Kalau kita susah di dunia, kita lupa bahawa itu kehendak ALLAH, apatah lagi bila kita mewah.

Sudah berkali-kali PAS kalah dalam pilihanraya. Memang susah nak menang kerana ini bukan perang Badar dimana Malaikat juga turun berperang dengan perintah ALLAH. Janganlah mengharapkan Malaikat turun beratur dipusat2 mengundi yg diadakan oleh suruhan jaya pilihan raya yg tidak mengikut suruhan ALLAH. Ini demokrasi omputeh yang memberikan peluang kemenangan kepada org yg mempunyai syahwat duniawi. Kerana itu perlunya kita memperkenalkan Islam adalah sistem terbaik utk mentadbir dunia kepada manusia Malaysia. Ini adalah kerana ramai manusia lupa bahawa ALLAH yg mencipta dunia dan hanya hukum ALLAH sahaja yg sesuai dilaksanakan. Mereka yg menolak selalunya mereka yg tidak tahu apa hukum ALLAH. Selalunya mereka ditakutkan oleh yahudi yg memang mengetahui apa isi Al Quran dan mereka telah tahu lebih awal melalui Taurat bahawa Islam itu perfect dan mereka tidak mahu kita menjadi ummat Muhammad. Maka kita akan luput dari mendapatkan Syufaat Rasul dipadang Mahsyar nanti.


PAS perlu manfaatkan kelebihan penulisan lirik Abg Bob


~ KOMEN - Bob Lokman sertai PAS kerana kegagalan sistem sekular tajaan UMNO. Jangan dipersiakan pengorbanan penulis lirik hebat ini. Kasi le tender kat Abg Bob utk keluarkan CD lagu perjuangan yg sarat dgn lirik2 yg berhantu.

Peta Segitiga Mongolia sempena lawatan Najib ke Turki


Gambar paling klasik 2 ekor dajal berkeliaran di Malaysia


Pilihanraya kecil punya pasal, UMNO bagi apa saja


Katanya, pemberian tersebut tiada kena-mengena dengan Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kerdau pada 6 Mac ini – Kosmo


Pelajar Melaka Juga Pulang Mesir Percuma

February 21, 2011
JASIN 21 Feb. – Selepas kerajaan Pahang mengumumkan akan akan menanggung tiket penerbangan pelajar negeri itu yang ingin pulang ke Mesir baru-baru ini, kerajaan Melaka pula mengumumkan bantuan yang sama kepada pelajar di negeri ini

Nasib profesional bila kritik perasuah di Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR – Kritikan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Maybank Investment Bank Bhd, Tengku Datuk Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz terhadap Pengerusi Felda, Tan Sri Mohd. Isa Abdul Samad dalam satu forum baru-baru ini adalah bersifat peribadi.

Ketua Eksekutif Kumpulan Maybank, Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar menjelaskan, kehadiran Tengku Zafrul ke forum berkenaan bukan mewakili organisasi itu.

“Beliau sudah memaklumkan kepada saya tentang perkara tersebut dan saya yakin Tengku Zafrul sudah menghantar surat permohonan maaf kepada Tan Sri Mohd. Isa, “ katanya selepas mengumumkan keputusan kewangan separuh pertama 2011 kumpulan perbankan berkenaan di sini.

Pada forum anjuran sebuah badan pemikir tempatan tersebut, Tengku Zafrul mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa pelantikan bekas Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan itu sebagai Pengerusi Felda memberi isyarat yang salah kepada pasaran sehingga menyebabkan kebimbangan pelabur.

Kritikan berkenaan yang turut dilakukan oleh Ahli Majlis Penasihat Ekonomi Negara (MPEN), Datuk Dr. Zainal Aznam Mohd. Yusof itu bersandarkan alasan, imej Mohd. Isa pernah tercalar dengan isu politik wang.

Ekoran kritikan yang lantang itu, pelbagai pihak mendesak Tengku Zafrul supaya meletak jawatan dan ia dilihat seolah-olah mempertikai keputusan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak..

Abdul Wahid menambah, surat permohonan maaf telah ditulis selepas forum tersebut. -mynewshub

Rezeki manusia Allah tentukan, bukan oleh kerajaan atau makhluk


Syeikh Yusuf Qardhawi message for everybody


Qaradawi, the Army of Egypt: Release the detainees and change government

Qaradawi greeted the army of Egypt valiant (the island. Net)
Called scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi in his Friday sermon delivered today in Tahrir Square in central Cairo; youth and people of Egypt to maintain their unity and their revolt that toppled President Hosni Mubarak. He also asked the Egyptian army to immediately release political detainees, and change the current government, calling on Arab leaders at the same time to listen to their people.

Among some two million were gathered in Tahrir Square, which was the center of the revolution, the head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, "The youth revolution did not prevail on Mubarak only, but on the corruption and tyranny, he said, adding:" I am confident in the victory of God to these young men, the promise of Allah is victory, the faithful can not be falsehood to triumph on the right, and had to be to win the Egyptians on this leviathan was the pharaoh of Egypt must not be freed because these young people wanted and the will of the will of God. "

He said in his sermon "The patience of the people and sacrificed insisted and disarm him fear, and the Pharaohs throw terror into the hearts of the people but today people are no longer afraid not of Pharaoh and of State Security of camels and horses have won God their noble, and greetings to the young revolutionary who wish to kiss their hands and one by one, they have raised our heads, calling them supporters who told them God and the influence on themselves if their merit. "

Message for young people

And recommended Sheikh Qaradawi young people who "are tired of sitting and risked their lives to live we are safe" to preserve the victory, because the revolution is not over, but it started, they should maintain their revolution and warned them that rob them of one, especially from the hypocrites who are preparing to ride the wave ", with a saying.

In his speech to the Egyptian people, Dr al-Qaradawi called on Egyptians, Muslims and Christians to "worship together thanks in Tahrir Square, it seemed a national unity between Muslims and Copts, hold tightly to the unity of the row."

He explained by saying that "on 25 January (the start of the outbreak of the Revolution) stop next to the Christian and Muslim both safe from the other and love the other, not fear it, nor lurking in it but they were guarding each other in prayer, yes, he ended the field of speech and the era of liberalization sedition."

Message to the Army

And the face of Sheikh Qaradawi tribute to the Egyptian army, which took power after the departure Mubarak, adding that it shield the people and its chain, it is enough that the army did not extend his hand was hurt against the Egyptian people and he pledged to preserve the rights of the Egyptian Civil acquired and made several actions in the interest of the people, with a saying.

He called the army to form a new government and immediately release all political detainees and said, "I call on the Egyptian army that liberates us from the government formed by Mubarak, and that whenever he saw the Egyptians remember the crimes committed against them was killed, horses, and beauty."

Sheikh Qaradawi also called for the army to open the Rafah crossing and Egyptian of all crossings in front of the besieged Palestinian people, which "is expected equity at the hands of the heroes of the Egyptian armed forces brave."

He also called on groups of Egyptians who organize strikes to protest their living conditions for the delay, in the army, where he claims that "God built the world in six days and that his ability was built in a blink of an eye, but to teach us patience and perseverance to build."

He said, "I would like for the people of Egypt who do wrong, be patient a little work and support the real revolution."

Message to the rulers

The other hand, al-Qaradawi called for the Arab rulers of trying to "understand the people and listening and dialoguing with them and stop them laughing."

Experiencing a number of Arab countries, led by Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, popular protests to demand change and the overthrow of the regime.

At the conclusion of the sermon, Sheikh Qaradawi expressed his hope to adopt the same prayer and deliver a sermon in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem after its liberation and asked Allah to grant Muslims the opening set.

The blessings of Sheikh Qaradawi hordes in Tahrir Square Zuhr and Asr prayers and then stayed on the souls of the martyrs who were killed in the uprising, the Egyptian blessed.

Following the prayers, chanted slogans Who's in the field of anti-deposed regime, including "the people want to purge this country, and Hosni and his aides." 

Source: Islam Online 

Syeikh Al Qaradhawi, manusia paling ditakuti Israel


Qaradawi's demands

The devout crowd, many of whom turned out to hear Qaradawi give his first public speech since 1981, was also a reminder that huge sections of Egypt take their Islamic faith seriously – and that real and open democratic reform will almost certainly lead to a stronger role for the faith in the nation’s political life.

“Qaradawi is very much in the mainstream of Egyptian society, he’s in the religious mainstream, he’s not offering something that’s particularly distinctive or radical in the context of Egypt,” says Mr. Hamid. “He’s an Islamist and he’s part of the Brotherhood school of thought, but his appeal goes beyond the Islamist spectrum, and in that sense he’s not just an Islamist figure, he’s an Egyptian figure with a national profile.”

Qaradawi called for the immediate release of the thousands of political prisoners that remain in Egypt’s jails, an end to the feared state security services, the dissolution of the cabinet of Mubarak loyalists who have been retained by the country’s military junta, and an end to the economic blockade of the Gaza Strip.

After his speech, he read from the Quran, his voice cracking as he reached a verse on the fate of tyrants. Then the thousands settled into prayer amid a pin-drop silence before breaking out into shouts of “no to Hosni, no to his regime, no to his supporters.”

Syeikh Al Qardhawi: Jangan jadi seperti kemerdekaan Malaysia


“Don’t let anyone steal this revolution from you – those hypocrites who will put on a new face that suits them,” he said, speaking to at least 200,000 who gathered for Friday prayers in Tahrir Square, the epicenter of Egypt's uprising. “The revolution isn’t over. It has just started to build Egypt … guard your revolution.” -Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi

Jgn Ingat Datuk Siti je boleh bina masjid, anda pun boleh...


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Hakim Kak Leha & Peguam UMNO, YB muka kartun terselamat


Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam memutuskan bahawa Badrul Hisham Abdullah masih merupakan ADUN Pelabuhan Klang, dan membatalkan pengisytiharan speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Selangor mengenai kekosongan kerusi tersebut.

Hakim Zaleha Yusof menerima hujah berdasarkan kepada saman pemula Badrul Hisham dan memutuskan bahawa pengisytiharan kekosongan kerusi tersebut adalah tidak sah.

Teng mengisytiharkan kekosongan kerusi DUN Pelabuhan Klang itu pada 19 Januari lalu.

Menurut Teng, Badrul Hisham, tidak menghadiri sidang dewan tanpa cuti selama lebih kurang enam bulan sejak bulan 16 Julai tahun lalu.
Gambar kanan: Hakim Zaleha Yusof.

Mengikut Perlembagaan Selangor, kerusi DUN dianggap kosong jika wakil rakyatnya tidak hadir sidang dewan tanpa cuti selama enam bulan.

Badrul Hisham telah memfailkan saman pemula untuk mengisytiharkan bahawa pengumuman Teng itu tidak sah dan terbatal, serta memfailkan injunksi untuk menghalang Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) daripada mengisytiharkan pilihan raya kecil di DUN yang diwakilinya.

Beliau diwakili oleh peguam Hafarizam Harun dan Firoz Hussein Ahmad Jamaluddin.

Manakala SPR pula diwakili oleh peguam kanan persekutuan Kamaluddin Md Said. -mk

UMNO lindungi pegawai2 SPRM yang bunuh Teoh Beng Hock


People's power in Egypt


Fanpage utk Ahmad Harfidz Abu Bakar, mangsa polis


Sila klik SINI utk ke Fanpage dan klik butang Like. TQ

‘Awak ada parang, saya ada pistol, siapa lagi power?’


FMT:‘Cops executed my mentally ill brother’
Contrary to media reports, the brother of the mentally unsound man shot dead in Bahau claims the police provoked and shot him at close range.
PETALING JAYA: The brother of a mentally unsound man shot dead by the police claimed that the deceased was executed. He also blamed the policemen for provoking him into turning violent.

Speaking to FMT, Ahmad Hairail Adzuan Abu Bakar also alleged that his brother was shot at close range, and not from three metres away as claimed by the police.

The 26-year-old marketing executive filed a report with the Bahau police station, demanding that an investigation be carried out.

Hairail said his brother Ahmad Harfidz Abu Bakar, 37, suffered from insomnia and stress but did not have a history of violence.

Media reports stated that Harfidz was shot dead at his house in Taman Chempaka, Bahau, when he attacked police sergeant Abdul Rahim Hamid with a parang, and slashed him on the head.

The police claimed that the attack happened as the policemen were leaving the house after attempting to calm the deceased.

The deceased’s mother was said to have called the police after her son allegedly ran amok in the house.
‘Blood was not splattered’

However, Hairal disputed this version.

Based on what he had gathered from those who witnessed the incident, Hairail said his mother had called the police to help compel the deceased to go for his routine treatment at a nearby hospital.

“He normally does not listen to us and is more compliant to the police,” he said, adding that his family was shocked when two patrol cars arrived.

“My brother panicked when he saw so many policemen and locked himself in his room,” he said.

At 3pm, Hairail, who was outstation then, said the police called him to seek his permission to break open his brother’s room door.

When the police called, Hairail said he heard a policeman in the background saying, “Sampai bila nak tunggu ni, bila nak habis?” (how long are we to wait, when would it end?)

“However, I told them to take a peek through the room window to see what he was doing. They told me they saw him lying down quietly. Then, they decided to use the Taser gun on him,” said Hairail.

Following this, Hairail said his brother came out of the room with a parang and this was when the sergeant had allegedly pressed his gun against Harfidz’s neck.

“The sergeant told my brother ‘ awak ada parang, saya ada pistol, siapa lagi power’ (you have a parang and I have a gun. Who is more powerful?)

“He then shot my brother and Harfidz swung his parang at the sergeant. But a few policemen pinned him down with deadly force, causing him to loose his life,” he said.

Questioning the police’s version, Hairail said: “They claimed to have shot my brother at a range of three metres. However, there was no blood splattered in the place where he was shot.”

Hairal was also upset that the police had used a Taser gun on his brother without the presence of paramedics.

“You must have paramedics around because when you subdue someone with a Taser gun, it may cause health problems,” he said.